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 In and out of idle

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PostSubject: In and out of idle   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:46 am

I have this bump in rpms when I am slowing the car down to a stop.  If I am coming up on a light, I'l take the car out of gear and coast in.  Rpms drop to my idle (1150) but when I reach around 20 mph, rpms will surge to around 2000 and then fall back to idle.  It will do this a coupe times until I competely stop.  And even while completely stopped the rpm will surge randomly.

I took a log and it seems that the car is going in and out of idle state as i coast down or just am coasting out of gear with no TPS.

Just coasting

Slowing down to a stop

These are my idle settings.

What do I need to adjust to make it stay in idle whenever i have my foot off the gas??

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In and out of idle
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