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 PID Information

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PostSubject: PID Information   Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:10 am

I thought it would be helpful if we could fully understand the PID parameters in the ProEFI and exactly what they do. Iíve done some research and it seems there are a couple parameters specific to the ProEFI that are added, different, or maybe just named differently. Rather than just copying values that people list out, if we could fully understand all of them, I think it would really help. Some may be obvious to people and some may not so I thought if those who know could chime in and we could go back to basics and define/describe all of them, etc. Dealing with the Idle Feedback, this would include:

Idle Proportional Gain
Idle PID Upper Limit
Idle PID Lower Limit
Idle Integral Gain
Idle Inegral Upper Limit
Idle Integral Lower Limit
Idle Derivative Gain
Idle Error Gain

I found some webinars on Motec's web site which explained the basics of PID's which were helpful. But there are still Idle Feedback parameters in the ProEFI that still need clarification. I'll ask a stupid question to start with. What exactly are the PID Upper and Lower Limits? Are these RPM values that tell the ECU where not to use the PID correction anymore? If that's the case, then I guess it would be called the "deadband". For example, say your target idle is 900 RPM's. If you have the PID upper limit set to 100 and the PID lower limit set to -10, does this mean that in a zone from 890-1000, the PID's won't be correcting?

I have a lot of other questions so I hope we can get a decent discussion going on it so we can all learn something.

Thanks in advance.
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PID Information
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