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 VAG (volkswagen/audi) 115 coils

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PostSubject: VAG (volkswagen/audi) 115 coils   Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:27 pm

ok so according to the swedens these coils are supposed to be the shiznet, supposedly on mickeys 1000hp m3.
I just bought a set which was pretty cheap $112. they are the newest style which is 06c-905-115m

measured resistant was 380 ohms which according to the web is a 5v pull up style coil.
which leads to how to control them...
does proefi do pull up/ pull down 5v circuitry?
does the hpf aem do pull up/ pull down 5v circuitry?
the stock bmw dme (supposedly) is a 5v pull down circuit before the ignitor in the dme.

as far as fitment they fit perfect, stock height.
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VAG (volkswagen/audi) 115 coils
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